About Me

Movement and dance, expression and acting - are and have always been an integral part of my life. l can't remember my life without this deep and intuitive dedication to one or another form of art - an incessant curiosity to explore the diverse options life has to offer. I formed myself into a most versatile and spontaneous artist, passionate about all kinds of creative work, with a neverending curiosity and ambition. 

l look back on many years of artistic education during which l was able to train and form my physical instrument, extend the capacity of my mind and acquire the most different skills.

Artistic Education

2010 - today

Casting Director Workshop with Jo Kelly, LA/Zurich
continuous trainings, classes and shows


2008 – 2010

Zürich Tanz Theater Schule


Professional Dance Training

(Classes included: Ballett, Jazz, HipHop, Modern, Flamenco, Theater and Improvisation)


1994 – 2008

Preparatory dance training

modern, jazz, hiphop, ballett, salsa, 
break dance, african dance and theater,
workshops @ Dimitri School in Verscio, TI

Preparatory acrobatic training

gymnastics (KTV Liestal and Moutier), 
Partnering and floor exercising 
(Acro Ballett Center, Laurent Heimann), 
artistic gymnastics (GTV Muttenz),
Capoeira Estilo Faixa (Mestre Val), 
Capoeira Uniao (Mestre Omar)

Perparatory musical training

preschool music education, Djembe, recorder

Special skills

swiss dialect
horse riding
Spanish, English, French, German
bow & arrow shooting
poem writing

Additional education

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage